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25 Apr 93

Carbon Copy message to:

G8YDC @ GB7NEM Cleveland G7ESY @ GB7NEM SW Durham G4HVA @ GB7NEM Richmond
G1GAD @ GB7BMX Tyneside G0EHX @ GB7BMX Sunderland G0BDA @ GB7ULV S. Lakes
G0PWO @ GB7CYM Ryedale G0OVM @ GB7FCI Cent Lancs G3RXS @ GB7KLY Keighley
G6UUY @ GB7BMR Copeland

Thanks for your interest. Two members of Richmond RAYNET needed to confirm their walking holiday so are definitely booked for this event between Richmond and Kirkby Stephen. You'll remember that this event is the Wainwright Coast-to-Coast walk but from east to west. The walking party expects to cover 12 to 19 miles a day and won't be walking at night. Police will pay expenses for RAYNET accommodation and food for those who stop with them at boarding houses.

The walk is rumoured to eventually involve the making of a quarter of a million pounds for charity following the TV programme about it.  North Yorkshire Plod Loll (Laury?) is going to London again to meet the MetPlods for further planning of exercise COASTPLOD. Loll now has paperwork for the event showing the masterplan including route, times, dates, checkpoints and will post to me before he goes. He invited me to go to London with him to meet the MetPlods and take part in the planning. I declined. It would cost me too much time and money.  Also, meetings and committees scare me.

Latest estimates are about 15 blind people, 15 guide dogs and 15 MetPlods on the walk itself. Loll will be on the event driving one support van for the 2 weeks. Others will drive N more. There will be lots of producers, directors, journalists and TV crew covering the event. I've heard that before about other RAYNET exercises but they've never materialised so far. There again, I'm a cynic.

The general plan is that as the event is over two weeks and many people won't find it easy to get free time during the day, we split the work up into sections (or any other way) so that by all working together, comms will be provided over the two weeks. No exact details of comms required yet, but still looks like they'll be needed between the walking party and the N support parties. About 28 RAYNET people are interested so far. More details when I have them.
To South Lakes RAYNET: Did you find me a packet contact for West Cumbria RAYNET? Was it G6UUY @ GB7ULV?

73 de Richard G8EIA, Chief Mug, Cleveland RAYNET Group 01/CL/025.

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