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SP G8EIA < G0PIR $26758_GB7CYM
CP G0PIR: Report
R:931007/1226z 24308@GB7NEM.#12.GBR.EU Middlesbrough
R:931007/1213Z @:GB7CYM.#19.GBR.EU [York] #:26758 Z:YO2 FBB5.15


Roger, G0PIR, was showing off in Rossthwaite with his two metre aerial mounted on top of a ten foot aluminium pole, which was clamped to the roof rack of his Volvo. The paintwork was protected by a rubber drain plunger (patent pending).

An 80 metre HF vertical aerial used to talk to Ray, G3EKL, back in North Yorkshire added to the dramatic effect. Suddenly, a local farmer emerged from an adjoining field and confronted Roger.  "Is thou from Radio Cumbria?''  "No."' said Roger.  "It's lucky for thou tha's not.",' said the farmer.  "I thowt thou was doin' tests. It's aboot time they got a bloody signal in 'ere.''

Thursday was the day the pressure of working with Fred ("Dibnah'') Charnley, G4RPW, finally got too much for Brian, G4HVA. The first indication was when Roger got a message from G4HVA, who claimed to be following "a very tall sheep'' down the side of Ennerdale Water towards Gillerthwaite Youth Hostel.

Silly boy. Everybody knows that the farmer at Ennerdale Bridge has a field full of llamas. But the experience had obviously unnerved G4HVA. Soon afterwards he was seen at the Ennerdale checkpoint dressed in an ankle-length nightshirt emblazoned with Tom and Jerry cartoon characters, complete with RAYNET tabbard and a borrowed guide dog.
Copies of the photographs are available in a plain brown envelope from G0RHI.  Unless G4HVA makes a substantial donation to Guide Dogs for the Blind, a copy may soon grace the front cover of RadComm magazine.

As for Professor Charnley's "knife edge propagation effect'', which is to be the subject of a thesis at the University of Fleetwood, North Yorkshire RAYNET members were not convinced.  G4HVA - as technical as ever - subscribed to the little-known "mirror effect'', while G0PIR and G0RHI blame it on mushy peas and Theakston's best bitter.

EVERY word is true. It just shows what happens when your back is turned.

73, Brian, G0RHI. CC North Yorkshire (unless court martialled).

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