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Subj: Thanks from Lockerbie.

The RAYNET operation mounted at the Air Crash Site at Lockerbie was closed down at 17:20 hrs yesterday (Saturday).  The police have now set up their own radio system and there are fewer messages to pass.  The callout to Lockerbie was made during the evening of Wednesday 21st December and since that time about six thousand RAYNET man-hours have been spent providing radio coverage for the rescue services.

As the RAYNET members were tidying up, Mr. John Dickson, Assistant Chief Constable (Operations) of Strathclyde Police came down from the Operations Room to talk to them.  He was very pleased with the way things had been done, and thanked everyone for giving up so much of their free time over the Christmas period. RAYNET in turn congratulated Mr. Dickson who received a well deserved O.B.E. in the New Year's Honours List.

I would like to add my own thanks, both to the teams from Groups throughout Scotland and England who made it all possible, and to all radio amateurs who kept clear of the frequencies which we were using in the area.  At times we were running four cross band talk-through units as well as several simplex frequencies, and it is appreciated that our transmissions must have been heard over a large area.  During the whole emergency there were only two 'outside' transmissions heard by us, and these were immediately closed down when the operators realised that we were using those particular frequencies.  Thank you, it was greatly appreciated by all at Lockerbie.

At the end of this week, a questionnaire will be issued to all RAYNET members who were present at Lockerbie, and this should be returned to GM4SRL by 20th January.

A Memorial Service will be held in Dryfesdale Church on Wednesday 4th January at 14:00 hrs.  It will be relayed to Dryfesdale Hall, Mid Annandale Comrades Club and probably All Saints Episcopal Church.  Dumfries and Galloway RAYNET will be on duty with the Red Cross on that day.


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