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From: G3STG @ GB7NRC

Date: 25 Dec 89 18:23:50 Z

Amongst the flood of Christmas cards arriving here were two which were especially moving at this time.  Both referred to Lockerbie.  The first from the UK families of those on board the plane.  The dedication reads "Please pass on our thanks to all those in your organisation who gave up their time over the Christmas period last year to help us."  The other came from the Dumfries and Galloway County HQ, sending greetings, and reminding us that counselling is still freely available for all those suffering from the events of December 1988.

Many members who worked at Lockerbie attended the dedication service at Dryfsdale and the open-air service in the Town Square last Thursday.  RAYNET was formally represented there by G3STG.

And at long last, a detailed account of RAYNET's part in this epic operation is to be published - watch the post for the January issue of Radcom.

de G3STG 25 DEC 89

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