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Unlike the PBR radio licence, which licenses the radio equipment, a CB licence is for a PERSON.  A CB licence holder may have and use many CB radios.

Citizens' Band radio uses channels around 27 MHz.  Power output is limited to 4 Watts and type approved radio equipment must be used.

Anybody aged 14 or older can obtain a CB licence.  Anybody can transmit on a CB radio without a licence if under the direct supervision (e.g. in the same room) as a holder of a CB licence.

CB can be used for business purposes (popular with taxi and hire car companies) or for recreational use.

On 24 March 2003 , the Radiocommunications Agency published a consultation document on proposals to deregulate Citizensí Band Radio so that the service could be used without the requirement to obtain a licence.  Since those proposals were published and accepted, a licence is not required.


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