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System Fusion

Several Digital Standards

Currently, UK amateur radio doesn't have a single standard for digital radio.  The several different standards mean that radio amateurs can investigate each and then decide which is best for their requirements.  The different digital standards are not compatible with each other.  Usually, digital radios are much more expensive than analogue radios.  Competition is often a good thing, but with individuals and groups of radio amateurs spending a lot of their own money and time with different digital radios which can't talk to each other, it is a major disadvantage.

The EasyPal program uses analogue radios in AM, FM or SSB analogue modes to transfer digital files.  Learn more about EasyPal here and here.

Radio manufacturers tend to support a particular digital standard.  The three main standards of digital radios and repeaters are:-

System Fusion:    Usually Yaesu equipment.
DMR (Digital Mobile Radio):    Usually Motorola equipment.
D-STAR (Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio):    Usually Icom equipment.

It is likely that the popular digital standard in a given area is that of a local repeater or an internet gateway node.  People may be reticent about buying expensive radios if there is no repeater or gateway to give extra facilities and extend the radio range.

Elsewhere on this website, mention is made of analogue FM repeaters which are internet linked.  Digital mode repeaters can also be linked together via the internet.

Should RAYNET be using Internet Linking?

RAYNET primarily offers extra communications to the essential services during a major incident when normal communications (telephones, cell phones, internet) may have failed or are  overloaded.  It may still be sensible for RAYNET to use radio and internet linking:-

For planned exercises and operations at community events when normal communications may be working well, to offer extra facilities.
At a major incident where normal communications have failed and RAYNET have the radio range to reach a repeater or gateway node outside the affected area which offers suitable internet linking.

Cleveland RAYNET Group's Digital Standard

System Fusion digital radios are owned by several members of the group and there is a gateway access node near the centre of the main population of Teesside.  Analogue FM voice is the main standard in the group and for communicating with other groups.  Fusion is used as well as standard FM when it is useful.

You can send an e-mail message to Cleveland RAYNET Group by clicking here.   This will fail if you use web-based e-mail.
Page updated on 11 September 2018

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