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Fast Scan TV or ATV (Amateur TV) is similar to normal public TV transmissions or Closed Circuit TV transmissions.  They can be vision only, or have associated sound.  Because a very large radio bandwidth is required for each ATV channel, only the UHF bands have room for ATV and this limits the range.  Some areas have such an interest in ATV that individuals or groups set up an ATV repeater, to extend the range.  Due to bandwidth and funding limitations, an ATV repeater may only be able to handle one or two channels at a time.

Like all Amateur Radio modes, broadcasting is, in general, forbidden.  Broadcasting is transmitting a signal which is meant for the general reception of everybody, especially for entertainment or propaganda purposes.  ATV is therefore used for the purpose of sending test card pictures, still pictures or moving TV pictures of a particular event to other Radio Amateurs who may have an interest.

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