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International Radio Links via HF or VHF

RAYNET can set up international communications but it could take a long time if HF radio bands have to be employed.  Many countries have their own equivalent of RAYNET.

Emergency communications links can be set up using the long distance HF bands or by employing amateur radio internet repeaters, if they exist in the required areas and the internet is still working.  The VHF internet linked amateur radio repeater closest to this RAYNET group is GB3IR in Richmond, North Yorkshire. The GB3CD VHF repeater near Tow Law, County Durham, is also in range.  By transmitting command codes to them, these local VHF repeaters can be internet linked to repeaters all over the world.  In that way, a RAYNET hand portable radio in VHF range of GB3IR can talk to radio amateurs using hand portable radios in Australia, the USA and many other countries.  If the internet is out of action at both of these local repeater sites, then of course it won't be possible.

GB3IR Internet-linked Repeater  UK Internet-linked Repeaters   IRLP Repeaters Listed by Country

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Page updated on 11 September 2018

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