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The default location usually shown above is the Ordnance Survey triangulation pillar at Danby Beacon on the North York Moors.

Drag the red marker to where you want a National Grid Reference. It will appear on the right, with selected red or green boxes on the map.

Press the Satellite button to turn on the aerial photo's, or Hybrid for combined road maps and aerial photo's. Use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out, and the arrows to pan. You can also drag the map.

In the "Go to a National Grid Reference" box, you may use a 6, 8 or 10 figure GB Ordnance Survey NGR.

The above map can provide street view photographs by dragging the yellow person icon to a road.  The other method if you wish to see if any street view photographs are near your selected map location is to click the link immediately below the map.  If you use tabbed web page browsing, you can right click over the link, then select "Open in a new tab".  When the Google Map page has loaded, it will be centred on your map reference.  Street view photographs are typically at road junctions.  In main towns and cities, they may also be on roads away from road junctions.  If a street view photograph is available, when you select maximum zoom, an orange figure icon will appear and the map view will switch to a photograph of that road or road junction.

"Link to this location" will be visible when grid references are displayed.  You can right click over it and copy the link to your clipboard.  You can then paste  that link into an e-mail so that others can see the map and the marker.  The map style and zoom level you selected will be seen by others who use that link.  Some examples are below.

Click the link below to see Middlesbrough's Transporter Bridge.

Click the link below to see Cleveland Emergency Planning Unit.


Click the link below to see the OS triangulation pillar at Danby Beacon on the North York Moors.

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Page updated on 11 September 2018

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