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--- On site at Forward Control.
1430 --- --- RAYNET operators allocated to teams and food issued.
1438 --- --- Radio checks to operators on foot.
1440 --- --- Erecting mast for greater range.
1500 G8EIA (S440a) Incident Officer Report of child seen playing near near Hanging Stone.
1518 Incident Officer G8EIA (S440a) People spotted on Roseberry Topping.
1523 G8EIA (S440a)  Incident Officer Ignore them.
1524 Incident Officer G8EIA (S440a) Near "Summer house" grid ref NZ 578 125 and walking east.
1527 --- --- Aerial and mast erected.
1531 Incident Officer G4OLK (S410b) Two groups of S410 about to re-join. Light rain falling.
1534 G4JXR (S420a) Incident Officer Mounted officers can use chan 7.
1534 G1AAG (S410a) G4OLK (S410b) Location is grid ref NZ 576 124.
1535 Incident Officer G8EIA (S440a) Half mile east of Topping heading north at grid ref NZ 584 127.
1535 Incident Officer G4WZG (S420b) Unable to contact you on chan 40.
1538 G4OLK (S410b) Incident Officer Return to Control for transport to sector 3.
1542 G1AAG (S410a) Incident Officer All mounted officers are now stood down.
1547 Incident Officer G7AOR (S450) Going up lane towards Highcliffe Farm.
1548 G8EIA (S440a) Incident Officer Description of people spotted on top of Roseberry Topping?
1548 Incident Officer G8EIA (S440a) About 3 people in silhouette on the
skyline. One wearing blue. Perhaps a blue padded jacket. Location now is Hanging Stone Wood.
1550 Incident Officer G4OLK (S410b) Checking instructions.
1554 Incident Officer G8EIA (S440a) Cries for help heard in Hanging Stone Wood. Sounds male.
1600 All Stations Incident Officer Tell all mounted officers to leave moor by best route.
1602 G4WZG (S420b) Incident Officer Location?
1602 G4JXR (S420a) Incident Officer Location?


1602 Incident Officer G4WZG (S420b)  Near top of ridge, north of Topping.
1602 Incident Officer G4JXR (S420a) East side of summit, about half way up.
1605 G4WZG (S420b) Incident Officer Head for Cleveland Way towards Hutton Village. Shout heard at
Highcliffe Farm.
1607 G4JXR (S420a) Incident Officer Ditto.
1725 Incident Officer G7AOR (S450) Blue shoe found.
1725 Incident Officer G4OLK (S410b) Handkerchief with initials CS at grid ref NZ 607 139.
1727 Incident Officer G1AAG (S410a) Proceeding south to edge of forest then east on edge of forest to a stile where sister last seen by David Smith.
1736 Incident Officer G4OLK (S410b) Found grey nylon anorak, light blue checked jumper, light grey trousers, Rambo medallion, body with knife in.
1740 G4OLK (S410b) Incident Officer Search area around victim for further clues.
1741 Incident Officer G4OLK (S410b) Medallion was found separate.
1742 Incident Officer G4OLK (S410b) Found male type watch
1744 Incident Officer G4WZG (S420b) En route to Hutton Village.
1746 Incident Officer G4JXR (S420a) Found brown/grey woolly hat with initials CS at grid ref NZ 609 138.
1748 G4OLK (S410b) Incident Officer Treat as murder enquiry.
1748 Incident Officer G4OLK (S410b) Murder scene is grid ref NZ 612 140.
1755  All Stations Incident Officer A section to carry on search and recovery of body. B and D sections
return to Hutton Village for transport.
1755 Incident Officer G7AOR (S450) Location is grid ref NZ 610 136.
1756 All Stations Incident Officer A section to recover body. Congratulations to all. Exercise is
complete. Police personnel switch to chan 7.
1800 G8EIA (S440a) G4WZG (S420b) Grid ref of RV point for transport is ...
1807 Incident Officer G8HZS (relay) Closing down. Heading for Control.
1811 --- --- I finally have time for a drink of soup!
1816 Incident Officer G1AAG (S410a) At transport RV point. Two vans setting off, one large, one small.
1820 G1AAG (S410a) Incident Officer Location of PC FFFF and dog?
1820 Incident Officer G1AAG (S410a) PC FFFF is 100m ahead. S410b is northern end of wood.
1828 Incident Officer G1AAG (S410a) PC BBBB is picking up PC FFFF and PC SSSS.
1830 Incident Officer G7AOR (S450) Still on the hill.
1832 Incident Officer G1AAG (S410a) Location north end of Hutton Village.
1835 Incident Officer G7AOR (S450) Heading for Hutton Village.

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