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MTP 2006

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Middlesbrough Tees Pride 2006 took place on Sunday 17 September.  It was organised by Jimmy Wattis of Middlesbrough Council's Sport & Leisure Department and 2,200 people took part.  There was a 3 km Fun Run, a 10 km wheelchair road race and a 10 km runners' road race.

The winning wheelchair athlete finished in 25 minutes 48 seconds.  The winning runner took 30 minutes 46 seconds.

Most of the marshals were adults and cadets from Cleveland Army Cadet Force.  Others were employees of Middlesbrough Council.  Several main roads were closed to public vehicles to allow the wheelchairs and runners to compete on the 10 km (6.2 miles) road route.  Each of the closed roads had a lane for runners and a lane for emergency vehicles.

The Army Cadet Force marshals controlled vehicle access to and from the emergency lanes.

Event Control

The event was controlled from a room in a school near the finish line.  The person in charge at Control was Phil Hudson, Middlesbrough Emergency Planning Officer, assisted by Jan Ayling of Middlesbrough Council.  Phil tended to hover near the map of the 10 km route.  In charge of the police side of the event was Inspector Gary Fernandez.  Senior officers from Cleveland Army Cadet Force were present and provided the vast majority of the marshals.  NEMMS (North East Medical Management Services) were in charge of ambulances and medical assistance.  RAYNET assisted with communications.


RAYNET operators were at Control and with the Event Organiser, Chief Marshal, Lead Car, police command vehicle and at some road junctions.

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Middlesbrough Council - Tees Pride

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