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MTP 2011 Trackers

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APRS Trackers

At the Middlesbrough Tees Pride 10 km road race in 2011, RAYNET used Automatic Position Reporting System trackers to allow Event Control to see the locations of key personnel and vehicles on the event.  Trackers aren't essential, but provide a map display of the current location of key event personnel.  It removes the requirement of Control frequently asking, "Where are you?"

An APRS tracker consists of a small box connected to a GPS receiver and a RAYNET hand portable or mobile radio transmitter. At timed intervals, it gives a brief data burst containing the radio callsign, location, speed, direction of travel and height above sea level. These data bursts move the tracker icon on the map display at Control and can be logged into a file which can be played back after the event.

The tasks of the 3 RAYNET mobiles included confirming that their section of public roads had been closed to public vehicles, all barriers and junction marshals were in place, then providing communications to Control when parked at a road junction.  Mobile 1 also had the task of confirming at the end of the event that all roads were open to public vehicles and all barriers moved aside.

The Event Organiser tracker was on foot mainly around the 10 km start and finish areas.  The Lead tracker was in the passenger seat of the car with a large elapsed time clock on the roof which drove in front of the fastest runner.  Time was limited, so the tracker icon was a runner and it should have been changed to a car.  The Pace tracker marked the last runner, walker or hobbler.  It initially parked at Junction 78, then followed the last runner once the race had started. The Tail tracker marked the lane cone collection vehicle removing lane cones to make ready for the roads being opened to the public again.

The start line area for MTP 2011 can be seen on this map.

MTP 2011 Tracker Video Clips

Special APRS software is required to play back the logged trackers.  So that others can see who was where and when, video clips have been made.  These video clips show all trackers and also individual trackers.  The latter was achieved using the UILogFilter program described on this page.  

Note:  The RAYNET tactical callsigns are displayed with the tracker icons.  The OfCom-issued callsigns are logged, but can't be seen in the video clips.  MOBILE-2 started from Junction 22, but the tracker wasn't locked to the GPS satellites for the first few seconds.  MOBILE-1 accidentally turned off the tracker when passing Junction 14.  After that, MOBILE-1 circled the 10 km route to the finish.

The video clip showing all trackers (as seen on the event at Control, but in real time) is 5 minutes 31 seconds long.  The others are much shorter.

To see a full screen view of the video clips below, click the icon at the bottom right of the relevant frame.

Event Organiser Tracker Video Clip

Mobile 1 Tracker Video Clip

Mobile 2 Tracker Video Clip

Mobile 3 Tracker Video Clip

Lead Tracker Video Clip

Tail Tracker Video Clip

Pace Tracker Video Clip

All Trackers Video Clip

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