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North Yorkshire had experienced much rain and many areas were flooded on this incident.  Cleveland RAYNET Group took no active part but were put on standby for four days.  Richmond (North Yorkshire) RAYNET Group worked with NY Emergency Planning Officers.

As RAYNET events are not frequent, it is a very useful thing to be put on standby, even if we aren't used.  It gives us time to charge batteries, collect equipment together, fill cars with fuel and keep in contact with each other.  An actual callout will have a much reduced response time if on standby, compared with an unexpected call.

Little evacuation took place due to the floods and only a few Rest Centres were opened for evacuees.  RAYNET were used to send details of water levels, unusable bridges and unusable roads back to Northallerton County Hall.  The situation changed hourly for better or for worse.

Yarm High Street was closed.  Shops had 2 ft of water in them.  Neasham was under 4 feet of water.  Croft was also flooded.

Richmond RAYNET did a lot of work in the Boroughbridge area.  They went with small disaster relief teams.  Such teams consisted of one person from each of the local electricity company, gas company, water company, health authority and the Rivers Authority.  They drove around the (partially) flooded areas to monitor the situation and to see who had problems and if they could help with advice or practical work within their capabilities.

The communications of each organisation seemed to work adequately within each organisation.  RAYNET linked them all together and to the District and County Emergency Control.

The Army Air Corps (RAF Topcliffe?) supplied five 4-tonners and four Land Rovers.  Helicopters were on standby but hardly used.  Some lucky school children were evacuated from their school by Army lorries and helicopters.

The Richmond group worked long hours and were tired.  Some got a long break between midnight and 04:00 hrs.

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Page updated on 09 January 2017

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