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Exercise Prang Photographs

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A BBC TV crew were on one of the Air Ambulance helicopters and filmed part of Exercise Prang.  Many of the rescue personnel and observers took photographs for records and training purposes. The photographs on this page have been reduced in quality to VGA standard to save website space and download time.

High-visibility Jackets

The incident site had so many personnel wearing reflective and hi-vis jackets that it was a sea of fluoresence.  At a major incident, it is very important that instant identification of personnel is achieved.  Apart from the lettering, some organisations use colours to identify themselves.

Yellow:  RAYNET, Fire & Rescue Service, Scarborough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team (with red helmets).
Yellow with chequered blue and silver:  Police.
Yellow and green:  Ambulance Service, National Health Service, Doctors.
Red and yellow:  Air Ambulance helicopter paramedics.
Orange:  Railway staff.
Grey:  RAF Search & Rescue personnel.
Blue:  Umpires and observers.

Gold Control

This was an office at Grosmont Station, North Yorkshire.  The NYMR is a small railway company and its main attraction is that it runs steam trains.  Steam enthusiasts from far and wide come to enjoy the sight, sound and smell of the old locomotives.  Because it preserves an old fashioned appearance, the stations, villages and trains have been used in films e.g. Harry Potter and UK TV's Heartbeat series.

Silver Control

This was the rendezvous point (RVP) overlooking the incident site and half a mile away.  It was in range of Emergency Services' radio networks and cell phone service.


These landed in a field near the incident site and also in a field next to Silver Control.  They were used to transport seriously injured casualties to Scarborough Hospital.

Incident Site

This was out of radio range of the Emergency Services' radio networks.  It was an unmanned railway crossing at the hamlet of Farwath in Newton Dale, North Yorkshire.

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