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RAYNET message precedences in increasing importance are:-


Unless otherwise marked, all messages are of Routine precedence.  If several Routine messages are waiting to be sent from a location, they will be sent in the same order as they were supplied i.e. in time order.

A Priority message does NOT interrupt the sending of an existing message on the network.  It goes to the top of the stack of Routine messages and will be sent on the network before any Routine messages from any other location.

An Immediate message interrupts the sending of any Routine or Priority message on the network.  It is an urgent or emergency message and shouldn't be marked as Immediate unless it warrants that designation.  The RAYNET network control station will call for radio silence from all stations, except the one with the Immediate message.

A Flash message outranks every other message being handled on the network.  It should "never" really be used.  It is only likely to be used if User Services at some locations are wrongly designating their messages as Immediate and another User Service member is convinced that his message is really more urgent.

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Page updated on 09 January 2017

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