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The initial disaster control was in Lockerbie Town Hall.  It moved to Lockerbie Academy, Ordnance Survey grid reference NY 135 823, to provide more space and facilities.  The Academy was 80 metres above sea level.

The early RAYNET radio network diagram is shown below.  A talk-through repeater was installed on Hazelberry Hill to the east of Lockerbie at Ordnance Survey grid reference NY 190 802.  This was at 222 metres above sea level.  The talk-through unit's transmitter was 40 Watts and was powered by a 12 Volt 65 Amp-hour battery which was replaced each day with a fully charged battery.

Mobile and hand portable outstations used VHF channel 1 to the talk-through unit on the hill.  The talk-through unit relayed the outstations onto UHF channel 2.

A low power talk-through unit at Lockerbie Academy relayed any signals on UHF channel 2 onto VHF channel 4.  RAYNET operators in the Lockerbie Academy Control Rooms used low power hand portable radios on VHF channel 4.

Net Control in Lockerbie Academy spoke to both the outstations and the Control Rooms on UHF channel 2, which was relayed by the two talk-through units onto the appropriate VHF channels.  Net Control also used VHF channel 3 as a fallback or extra channel.


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