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Experience and local knowledge may allow RAYNET to designate ad hoc relay locations to link areas or exact locations.  A RAYNET relay will usually be a car at a specified site to enable communications between required locations.  Specialist software may also be used.  One such program is called Arsenic North Yorkshire.  Given exact locations or general areas to link together, this program provides solutions very quickly.  It covers North Yorkshire, Teesside and parts of adjacent counties.

The program does not use random hilltop locations.  Each potential relay site is on a road and with parking space.  Its map reference is given with an accuracy of one metre.  For each potential relay site, it is known if it is on a Priority 1 or 2 snowplough (gritter) route.  There is a limited choice of live webcams to show if certain roads have deep snow.  The program knows the radio range from potential relay sites when using a simple car aerial, a high gain aerial, low radio power and high radio power.

When a list of in-range relays has been calculated, the closest is displayed as that is probably the strongest.  Full screen radio range coverage maps can be displayed for the selected locations and relays.  They indicate if locations are well in range or near the edge of range.

Example 1

The program map was clicked on Hartlepool and Harrogate.  Within seconds, 14 relay sites on public roads with adequate parking spaces were listed.  Any would link Hartlepool with Harrogate.  The option to calculate double talk-through relays was chosen.  Fifteen seconds later, a list of 350 pairs of relay sites to link Hartlepool and Harrogate using ad hoc RAYNET repeater cars was displayed.  Each relay pair had a UHF radio path between them.  One of the pair covered Hartlepool on VHF.  The other covered Harrogate on VHF.

Example 2

Radio linking Cleveland Emergency Planning Unit (CEPU) with the beach at the base of the cliffs at Cowbar could be a problem.  CEPU is in Middlesbrough close to the River Tees and Cowbar is at the extremity of the area normally covered by CEPU.  Cowbar is on the west side of Staithes Beck and Staithes is on the east side.  The Arsenic North Yorkshire program can have selected locations entered either by clicking on a map or by typing 10 figure map references.  The beach at Cowbar (it is drier with the tide out) is map reference NZ 78270 19132 and the conference room in CEPU is NZ 48282 21361.  In seconds, the program listed 6 relay sites in range of both locations on VHF, 3 on UHF and 6 which can provide cross-band talk-through or repeater mode (VHF to UHF).  Five seconds later, it listed 119 pairs of relays which can provide double talk-through radio links.

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Page updated on 09 January 2017

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