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RAYNET can provide comms. for anybody to help administrate a community event or to provide emergency safety cover.  The User Services for whom RAYNET can provide communications at a major incident, emergency or exercise are listed in the UK amateur radio licence as:-

  1. British Red Cross.

  2. St John Ambulance.

  3. St Andrew's Ambulance Association.

  4. Women's Royal Voluntary Service.

  5. Salvation Army.

  6. Government department.

Plus (Civil Contingencies Act 2004) Category 1 Responders:


  1. Local authority (council).

  2. Police.

  3. Fire Service.

  4. Ambulance Service.

  5. National Health Trust.

  6. Primary Care Trust.

  7. Environment Agency.

Plus (Civil Contingencies Act 2004) Category 2 Responder organisations or companies responsible for:


  1. Electricity.

  2. Gas.

  3. Water.

  4. Telephones.

  5. Railways.

  6. Airports.

  7. Harbours.

  8. Health & Safety Executive.


Cleveland EPU              North Yorkshire EPU

Cleveland Police           North Yorkshire Police

Cleveland Fire Brigade   North Yorkshire Fire Brigade

NEAS (Ambulance)     Red Cross    St John Ambulance

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