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In an emergency we can respond straight away and can have available a maximum of ten RAYNET operators within one hour.  For a planned event, we prefer weeks or even months notice.

For a large or protracted event, we will ask adjacent RAYNET groups for assistance.  For even larger events, we will ask groups all over the UK for assistance.

At the request of a User Service, we can provide a RAYNET station in a building, in a car or on foot at required locations.  We are quite limited in the number of people who have the navigational skills, survival equipment and physical fitness to walk up hills or across moorland at a fast pace or for a long distance.

We will require a User Service liaison person at each designated location.  He or she will provide the messages to be sent.  At the destination location, the RAYNET operator will write down the message and hand it to the User Service liaison person.

Messages can't be written down in every situation e.g. in the open when it is raining.  We can handle short and simple "verbal" messages but they will be written down at their destinations whenever possible.  Messages written down by a User Service are more reliable than "verbal" messages and will ensure accuracy at their destinations.

The RAYNET event control station or the network control station will keep a log of messages handled by the network at each event.  This helps to keep a general picture of the progress of the event and aids in problem solving.  It is also useful on a protracted event when RAYNET needs to operate a shift system for continuous operation over many hours or days.

If the event is very busy with message traffic, there will be overloads and delays in passing messages.  A precedence system exists to deal with this.  Any message can be given precedence over others.  The best person to decide on a message precedence is the originating User Service liaison officer, in consultation with the RAYNET operator.

If messages are given a wrong higher precedence, it will slow down the overall message handling network and make the entire precedence system a waste of time.  Click the hyperlink at the top left of this page for more information on precedences.

You can send an e-mail message to Cleveland RAYNET Group by clicking here.   This will fail if you use web-based e-mail.
Page updated on 09 January 2017

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