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Our function is as communicators, when normal communication methods don't exist, have failed or have become overloaded.  We pass your messages between your agreed locations.  We pass your messages on your behalf and therefore normally expect to operate next to somebody in your organisation.

In some situations we will operate by ourselves at some locations i.e. without a member of your organisation.  We can carry out simple tasks for which no training is required, such as observing and reporting information.  We can report flood levels and snow depths.  If the public telephone system has collapsed, we can park at designated locations to help the public summon the Emergency Services.

By ourselves, we do not:-

Act as security people.
Control or patrol car parks.
Administer First Aid.
Extinguish fires.
Register competitors.
Administrate check points.
Provide transport facilities.
Search for missing people.
Rescue people.

We can provide comms. to assist other people in doing the above.  If we have finished our work at a particular location, we may be able to provide transport back to HQ for a couple of people.  We may be able to help in a small way to administer a check point if we have time, but not if it detracts from our primary role as communicators.

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Page updated on 09 January 2017

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