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RAYNET provides  a voluntary communications service which is mainly intended for major disasters, but we can provide safety or administration communications on community and other events.  Small events with only a few people taking part will probably not have much of a need for communications.  Larger events involving many people often welcome safety communications at various locations in case of accidents. Such events may include:-

Endurance horse rides.
Off-road car rallies on forest roads.
Bicycle rides on public or forest roads.
County or District Agricultural Shows.
Air Shows and Flying Displays.
Public fireworks displays.
River canoe or kayak races.
Estuary yacht races.
Running races on public roads.
Running and walking events in the country.


Amateur Radio licence considerations

In general, we can only send messages between amateur radio stations, whether they are in a building, a vehicle, a vessel (on inland waterways, territorial waters or international waters) or on foot.  Such messages must be originated by and intended for the receipt of licensed radio amateurs, not by anybody else.

Messages can also be sent on behalf of other people or organisations, or intended for receipt by others i.e. messages passed on to non-licensed people by Radio Amateurs in accordance with certain paragraphs of the Amateur Radio licence.

These are often called third party messages - messages which were originated by, or for the receipt of people who are not licensed Radio Amateurs.  There are two situations in which we can pass third party messages:-

At any operation or exercise conducted by a User Service.
At any community event which we have been requested to attend by a User Service, to provide communications.

Example 1: You are the Red Cross (a User Service) and will be providing first aid facilities at a county show. You can request RAYNET to provide safety and administration communications at your event.

Example 2: You are a district horse riding society and are organising a horse riding event with routes of 10, 15 and 20 miles across the North York Moors.  You can contact a User Service (e.g. Emergency Planning Officer or Police) and ask if they will request RAYNET to attend and provide communications at your event.

For a list of UK User Services, click the hyperlink at the top left of this page.

You can send an e-mail message to Cleveland RAYNET Group by clicking here.   This will fail if you use web-based e-mail.
Page updated on 11 September 2018

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