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 This is a test page and does NOT refer to a current event.

Middlesbrough Tees Pride 2012 Road Closures

RAYNET is a voluntary organisation providing safety communications at the event.

For the safety of the runners and the public, the 10 km race takes place on roads which will be closed to public vehicles from 09:30 hrs.  Some roads will be closed in both directions and some in only one direction.  The current status of the roads is indicated below.

Roads will be opened in sections and the process will be:-

  1. The last runner leaves the road section.
  2. The cones marking lanes in the road section will be removed.
  3. Litter will be hand picked from the road section, especially water bottles.
  4. A road sweeping vehicle will sweep the road section clean.
  5. Marshals will move aside barriers at road junctions on the road section.
  6. The road section is then open to public vehicles again.
  7. The road section will be inspected to confirm that it is completely open.
  8. Road junction barriers which are now on pavements will be collected.

The Road Sections

Marton Road south-bound provides hospital access and will not be closed.  Part of Acklam Road north-bound will not be closed.  The road sections are:-

Ladgate Lane from Blue Bell to Stewart Park.
Marton Road from Stewart Park to Belle Vue.
Green Lane, Emerson Avenue, Keith Road and Marton Burn Road from Belle Vue to Acklam Road
Acklam Road from Green Lane to Blue Bell.
Hall Drive from Acklam Road to Kings Manor School entrance.

Current Road Status

In the diagram below, red indicates a closed road section and green indicates an open road section.  This web page automatically updates every 2 minutes in case the road status has changed.

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Page updated on 09 January 2017

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